The aim of writing a thesis is to prepare students to think scientifically and to perform independent scientific research. The thesis enables students to practice what they have learned in their academic courses, research methods and data processing; they engage in planning, conducting and writing up the final research report. The papers proposed for MPE theses may be laboratory research or field studies that include observational research or interventions in the research population.

Registering for the thesis track is provisional upon finding the appropriate supervisor, formulating a research topic and obtaining authorization for the proposal from the thesis committee.

The following is a list of examples of thesis papers completed by students at the College:

Student’s name



Ganit Meir Segal “The Effect of Extended Running on Movement Coupling in the Lower Extremities” Prof. Moshe Ayalon
Ronit Aviram “Validity and Reliability of the Assessment of Energy Expenditure and Identifying Physical Activities among Children with Cerebral Palsy Using a Sophisticated Accelometer” Prof. Aryeh Rotstein
Gal Ziv “Physiological and Metabolic Characteristics of the Transition from Walking to Running among Competitive Walking Athletes” Prof. Aryeh Rotstein
Deganit Ben-Haim “Multi-disciplinary Program for Changing Life Style and Preventing Obesity in Kindergartens for Children from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds” Prof. Alon ElyakimDr. Dani Nemet
Galia Modai “Cardiopulmonary Functioning in Sub-maximal Effort and Performance in Field Tests of Activities of Daily Living among Post-Stroke Patients” Prof. Yeshayahu “Shayke” Hutzler
Elia Morgulev “Decision-making under Time Pressure in Complex Situations: The Case of Offensive  Fouls in Basketball” Prof. Ronnie Lidor
Inbal Perry “The Effect of Motor Ceremony on Accuracy in Performing a Golf Stroke among Novice Learners” Prof. Ronnie Lidor
Amit Oren “The Effect of the Direct Teaching Model and the Sport Education Model on Pedagogical Knowledge of Content, Techniques, Tactics and Self-Competency in Teaching Basketball to Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers” Prof. Ronnie LidorDr. Rona Cohen
Dr. David Loyal Cardiopulmonary Changes as a Result of Sympathectomy for Treating Primary Hyper-hydrosis” Prof. Omri Inbar


List of Lecturers in the MPE Program

Prof. David Ben-Sira
Dr. Sima Zach
Dr. Yoav Meckel
Dr. Michal Arnon
Dr. Yair Galili
Dr. Nili Steinberg
Prof. Uri Goldbourt
Dr. Haim Kaufman
Prof. Moshe Ayalon
Prof. Ronnie Lidor
Prof. Yeshayahu “Shayke” Hutzler Ph.D
Prof. Aryeh Rotstein
Prof. Danny Rosenberg
Prof. Yael Netz
Prof. Alon Elyakim
Prof. Michael Bar-Eli
Dr. Sigal Eilat-Adar
Dr. Ayelet Dunsky
Dr. Sigal Ben-Zaken